solutions for the Smart world
Smart World is a place evolving from the emerging connection between our daily lives, business activities, energy consumption, and advances in telecommunications. In the same way that the world was changed by the advent of the personal computer and network computing, the growing development and deployment of intelligent devices in homes and businesses, capable of providing new levels of information, is set to drive another transformation in our world.

We are a company that sits astride the present world of traditional IT solutions and the new world of machine to machine communication and the personal and business applications this new paradigm will bring forth in the years ahead.

Fueled largely by developments in the energy industry around improved methods of data collection and processing, these new developments are creating a new computing environment that all aspects of our personal and business lives can benefit from.

Our technology platform was created to bridge the gap between traditional IT business applications and the new, emerging world of ubiquitous intelligent devices, led by mobile phones, smart measurement devices and new open, communications standards for information sharing between hardware and applications.

In its current form, this change can be seen most clearly in the large scale deployment of intelligent energy control and data collection technology. This is rapidly evolving into new generations of in home and in business devices capable of so much more than their predecessors.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of these changes and to help our clients understand and exploit the possibilities that these changes represent in transforming their businesses through innovation.

This is the Smart World for us.
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